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Are you in need of professional, reliable service for fencing contractors in Richmond? Resin Driveways Richmond Richmond specialise in providing the best quality fencing with unmatched variety and product detail. Our team are motivated professional contractors and tradespeople, utilising their vast experience to give you exceptional service and fencing that can’t be beaten by any other fencing contractors Richmond has to offer. Call today on 020 3475 2435 for your free quotation and survey; we promise you won’t be disappointed.


Our Richmond Fencing Contractors

Our team here at Resin Driveways Richmond Richmond have gained a vast amount of experience over the years and pride themselves on being the best fencing contractors Richmond have to offer. The expansive array of options available, different materials, sizes and shapes, you’ll know you’ve made the right decision. Our helpful, hardworking tradespeople have the expertise and training to ensure you get the highest grade products and service available.

Resin Driveways Richmond Richmond boast a wide variety of services available:fencing contractors in Richmond

  • Fencing
  • Resin Bound Driveways and Paths
  • Resin Bond Driveways and Paths
  • Tarmac Surfacing
  • Soft Play Surfaces
  • Artificial Grass
  • Decking and More


The trusted tradespeople in our team bring the highest standards to all their groundworks and services, with immaculate attention to detail. Call today on 020 3475 2435 and tell our staff your requirements, we guarantee we won’t be beaten on value for money.


Unbeatable Fencing Contractors in Richmond

Our extensive knowledge of our trade gives us unrivalled product quality and workmanship, and a unique degree of flexibility and range of options.

Fencing Services

If it’s improved security you need or more privacy for your garden, our fencing solutions can give you what you need. The range of options available trumps all other fencing contractors, so complimenting your home will be no problem at all. As well as the fencing, the gates and fittings are also available and can be fully fitted. To add another level of security, heavy duty locks can be provided for peace of mind especially for commercial properties.

If security isn’t your priority, we also offer vanity fencing to spruce up your properties exterior. Adding an element of style and depth of character to a home or commercial property can add value and attract new prospective buyers. So if you’re looking to sell and want a rapid way of adding value or making your house more attractive on the market, our fencing contractors Richmond can help.

When you contact us, we will arrange a free consultation including a free survey and quotation for your requirements. Our team can share their knowledge about which fencing options would be best for you, or if you know what you want, they will make sure you get the best price available from any fencing contractors Richmond.

Resin Bonding

Being the number one fencing contractors in Richmond doesn’t limit us to phenomenal fencing solutions.

As the name suggests, a resin base is applied to an existing surface to bond aggregate and create the new surface. Most commonly tarmacadam and concrete are used as the bonding surface, as they’re solid and tough. After applying the resin, it’s ‘blinded’ with the aggregate of your choosing, and excess stones are swept away. This leaves a textured finish, with the aggregate layer being between three and six millimetres thick, depending on the choice of stone.

Our Richmond fencing contractors additionally add a coat of sealer that can be applied to give a smoother, richer finish and can prolong the surface itself. There are a huge range of aggregates, each with unique aesthetics and features, available, including:

  • Fencing Contractors in RichmondBrittany Bronze
  • Corn Flint
  • Danish Quartz
  • Grey Bauxite
  • Staffordshire Pink
  • Rhine Gold and More




Resin Bound

Our Resin Bound driveways and paths can give your home or business a unique, bespoke appeal that can’t be achieved with other fencing contractors in Richmond. The decorative results are achieved with a two part polymer resin and kiln dried naturally occurring aggregate. The two elements are combined in a forced-action mixer to ensure thorough and even application of the resin across the aggregate.

After the forced-action mixing is completed, the completed substance is applied in a 12-25mm thick layer of an existing surface. As with Bonding, the surface is recommended to be concrete or Tarmacadam, due to high adherence and stability.

Just like our bonded surfaces, there are a number of aggregate options available from our Richmond fencing contractors, including:

  • Barley Beach
  • Cornfield
  • Frosted Dawn
  • Lunar Falls
  • Mocha Beach
  • Natural Wicker and More


These surfaces are staggeringly low maintenance and can be brushed, hoses or jet-washed (max pressure 1.5 bar) to remove debris and dirt. Oil and spillages are easily removed with mild detergent and water, and our fencing contractors, Richmond, have a cleaning and maintenance schedule available to maximise the aesthetic and practical lifespan of your new driveway or path.

After the compound is laid and finished, a non-slip coating is applied to the surface of the screed. Depending on the requirements of the surface, the coating can be adapted to optimise suitability. If your path circumnavigates a pool, for example, the coating applied will be designed for wet grip and increased water resistance. The coating will leave you with a stunning, seamless and smooth finish.

Tarmac Surfacing

Our fencing contractors in Richmond also cater for tarmacadam surface laying. If your company carpark is looking rundown and worn out, our tarmac solutions can drastically improve the quality and appeal of your businesses exterior. Our superior tarmac isn’t limited to carparks and can be used for paths and playgrounds as well. Whether you’re just after the tarmac surface or you require it to be marked out with road or line markings, our team of fencing contractors Richmond can apply professional experience to give you the best service.

Soft Play Surfaces

We all know tarmac, concrete and other hard surfaces can prove less than adequate when it comes to play areas, especially for younger children. While being safer, our soft play surfaces are durable and effective solutions to your play area’s requirements. The EPDM and SBR accredited and approved materials used are impact absorbing and provide a much more comfortable surface, giving you peace of mind.

Our wet pour/rubber mulch comes from reputable sources and we insist on only the highest quality available. This is so we can guarantee it lives up to the high safety standards of both officials and parents alike. We make sure our fencing contractors Richmond are fully qualified to handle all jobs, so you can get the exacting finished results you deserve with health and safety being at the forefront of the task.

Artificial Grass

Are you tired of the high maintenance of a natural grass lawn or garden? Sometimes the soil is unsuitable for real grass to properly take root and it can wilt very quickly, no matter how much grass seed you throw on it. The fencing contractors Richmond that our team consists of are the best at transforming your garden into a luscious green paradise with our Artificial Grass services.

Our NamGrass selection gives you the ability to achieve a natural, stunning lawn without the arduous task of having to monitor growth and overall health. The NamGrass range has numerous colour and length combinations available, with different finishes as well to create a bespoke look. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation quote.


Why Us for Fencing Contractors in Richmond

fencing contractors in RichmondThanks to the long list of happy clients, our Richmond fencing contractors receive much of their work through recommendations. We take pride in making every job special, giving a personal element to the finished product that can’t be replicated by any other fencing contractors Richmond has to offer. On top of our rich feedback, all of our work comes with a quality guarantee, and we only use the highest grade materials.

Choosing Resin Driveways Richmond Richmond will give you a sense of relief, knowing your fence’s future is in capable hands. If you would like to see our previous works for yourself, please visit our gallery and browse some examples.

Having worked as fencing contractors Richmond for many years, we have a great balance of knowledge, experience and professional etiquette. We strive to be flexible in our approach to the design and work around your timescales, schedules and requirements. So if it’s as simple as levelling a driveway to avoid puddle formation or a complex groundwork project, we will use our expertise to give you the best of everything; service, materials, work quality, haste and choice.


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